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Mastering Your DSLR

Workshop by Candice Stringham. Runs March 17-April 21. Seats are limited. Reserve your spot now!

Mastering Your DSLR- A beginner’s guide to understanding your camera.

Do you have a DSLR that you bought, hoping to improve your photography, but you’ve never taken it off auto? Does the information in the camera manual make your eyes cross?  Have you ever looked at a photograph and wondered how the photographer created it? Learning about the technical aspects of photography can be really overwhelming. We totally get that, so we will teach you all about your camera in a clear, simple, understandable way.

Mastering Your DSLR a workshop by Candice StringhamThis course covers all the different settings and controls on a DSLR for both Canon and Nikon users. We explain what they mean, when to use them, and most importantly, how to use them to get the look you want! We will cover apertures, shutter speeds, white balance, focusing, depth of field, and how to shoot completely in manual mode.

Candice Stringham's Matering your DSLR workshopIt is a five-week course starting Monday, March 17, 2014 and running to April 18,2014.

Included with the course:

•A main lesson and an assignment weekly in PDF, MP3, and video form

•Five mini-lesson PDFs

•Emails five days a week

•A private class forum to ask questions and get help any time of day from the teacher and two assistants

• Two bonus question-and-answer videos during the course. You can send in your questions to me, and I’ll make an extra video just for the class, answering any questions I get!

•A private class gallery if you would like to share your work with fellow students or ask a questions about an image

Mastering Your DSLR a workshop by Candice StringhamYou do not have to attend the course at any specific time of day.  Materials will be posted to the course during the weekdays, and you can read, watch, or listen to them on your own time. However, we do recommend keeping up so that you get the most out of the course.

There is no expiration date on course materials. Here at the A Beautiful Mess Shop, we believe that you have the right to visit the content you paid for any time you would like.  The private forum and gallery close two weeks after the course ends, so you really have seven weeks to ask questions.

Mastering Your DSLR a workshop by Candice StringhamThis is not a course with assignment critiques. You will be able to ask as many questions as you want and post images if you have specific questions about them, but I will not be commenting on individual assignments.  We want you to post without fear and enjoy the learning process!

Mastering Your DSLR a workshop by Candice Stringham

Meet the Instructor: Candice Borup Stringham

Candice StringhamCandice has a background as a university-level photography instructor. She is a former editor at Creating Keepsakes Magazine as well as a former workshop instructor for Canon. Her work has been seen in many publications, including: Parent Magazine, Better Homes, and Gardens and HGTV. She likes Jane Austen novels, pretty stationery, and going on adventures with her husband and three boys. She currently resides in San Antonio after moving to Texas from Brooklyn.

In this workshop Candice is joined by two awesome teaching assistants:



Meet Kimber Hodson: Kimber began using photography, art, and writing as a creative outlet. Her hobby quickly expanded to more, and now she uses her growing skills as a teacher’s assistant for Candice Stringham. A natural organizer, she likes to record memories of her family’s life in photographic journals (previously called scrapbooks). All five of her children—down to the youngest—have cameras, and the family has regular practice sessions at home or abroad. The stories she records are their stories, so it seems only fitting that they should explore this adventure together. She holds a BA in English from Brigham Young University, and is currently settled in rural Utah, where her husband works as a high school art teacher and online university instructor.




Meet Nancy Riley: Nancy grew up in a Missouri college town where students were expected to master calculus by high school. As a result, she has a habit of collecting extraneous bits of information that are largely irrelevant to daily life. She survived a rigorous education, worked many hours to establish a successful professional career, and then quit her day job to stay at home and pull rubber bands out of her own children’s noses. She has studied photography for an embarrassing number of years, which was helpful when Candice needed a teaching assistant because a tornado took the roof off of her house. Although not all of Nancy’s career moves were as obviously enabled by Acts of God, she knows that He is still in control of her path.



What students are saying:

Candice is a wonderful photographer and teacher! I have taken several classes from her and I love everything about each one. She explains things in various formats (such as handouts, video, and audio) and is incredibly effective translating technical information into a useable and very understandable way. Through her class, I learned and practiced the various shooting modes available with my camera. I went from Auto to full Manual in a short period of time, which was important to me, but I also learned how to effectively use Aperture and Shutter Priority. I trusted that I would grow as a photographer and become more natural with working in these various shooting modes, and it is so true. What felt foreign starting in her class is second nature to me now. I love the results I achieve in my photography and only wish I would have had the opportunity to learn from her a long time ago! Thank you for sharing your talent with so many of us.
-Kim Nicks


I highly recommend Candice’s photography classes. Having taken classes previously I found Candice’s style of teaching connected with me. I was able to follow her instructions easily and got so much out of each lesson. Not only were the lessons informative but they were fun, I enjoyed the whole thing immensely and didn’t want each class to end.
-Sheralee Stoll


I have had the pleasure of taking several on-line photography classes with Candice Stringham.  I started out not knowing anything about photography other than aiming and shooting. Today I am shooting completely in manual mode and have won a few ribbons in my camera club competitions. She has such an easy comfortable style of teaching that you don’t feel intimidated at all. I’m thankful every time I pick up my camera that I found Candice.
-Vivian Teague


Candice’s  classes  are amazing. I highly recommend them as they are informative,  easy to understand and follow and inspirational. I have learned so much from Candice and am definitely looking forward to doing more of her classes.
-Lesley Collins

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