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Everyday Photography

This is a self paced class.


We are constantly amazing by how BUSY life can get sometimes! Before you realize it a whole year can pass by, just like that. It's important to slow down, to notice and appreciate the everyday little things. And it's even more important to make some time to document them so you can preserve and share these memories for years to come. It was with this in mind that we created a new course with weekly challenges to help you capture your real, everyday life. The course was developed by Rachel Denbow with contributions from Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. 

The course is designed so every month has 3-4 photography challenges that you can complete with any camera (even a smartphone). The goal is not to get overly technical, but rather to encourage you take time to photograph moments and things that you might have otherwise overlooked. Each month also contains a printed DIY challenge, to encourage you to get some of those great images off your computer and phone and into your home. Check below for a complete list of photography and printed DIY challenges to see what's in store!

This course also comes with a kit to aid you in the printed DIY challenges! Check the gallery images to see what you'll receive (You will receive one of the three ink colors shown. They are randomly selected for a fun surprise!). Kit plus domestic shipping is included in the price of the course. International shipping is an addition $5. Kit is only available while supplies last—so don't hesitate to get started now! Once the kit is sold out we will update you here.

  • What will I learn? +

    1. Get Reflective

    2. Explore Textures 

    3. On My Plate 

    4. Find the Balance 

    5. Project: DIY Calendar 

    6. Fresh Perspective 

    7. Routines 

    8. Favorite People 

    9. Project: Mixed Media Gallery Wall 

    10. Creature Comforts 

    11. Action Shots 

    12. Pop Culture (not complete yet) 

    13. This Thing with Floors 

    14. Project: Blueprint Message Board 

    15. Document a Trip 

    16. Negative Space 

    17. Work Vibes

    18. Project: Make a Mini Book 

    19. Elevate the Overlooked 

    20. Color Challenge

    21. Shadow Play

    22. Project: Collage Art 

    23. Go Abstract (not complete yet)

    24. At Home 

    25. Recreate an Image 

    26. Project: Copper Photo Stand 

    27. Editorial Inspiration (not complete yet) 

    28. Flat Lay

    29. Before and After 

    30. Project: Personalized Tapestry

    31. Found Frames 

    32. Messy Stuff 

    33. In My Bag (not complete yet) 

    34. The Bigger Picture 

    35. Project: Party Coasters (not complete yet) 

    36. Golden Hour

    37. Collections 

    38. Capture the Mood 

    39. Project: Turn your Photo into Pop Art

    40. Handwriting 

    41. Choose a Photo Trend (not complete yet) 

    42. Blooper Reel 

    43. Get in the Shot 

    44. Project: Copper Photo Wall Hanging 

    45. Stylized Signs of Life 

    46. Favorite Spot at Home 

    47. Black and White 

    48. Project: Engineer Print Display 

    49. Finding the Artistic Shot 

    50. AM / PM 

    51. Seasonal Details 

    52. Project: Personalized Journals

  • What do I get with my purchase? +
    • Immediate access to all the lessons through your account.
    • Access to a private Q&A board where you can interact with the instructor to ask questions and see what other students are asking. 
    • PDF of the entire course 
    • Course kit includes: exclusive stamp, notebook, stickers, and a mini ink pad (included in cost)
  • What supplies do I need for class? +
    • Access to a computer + internet to view the course and/or download the course PDF 
    • A camera: DSLR, point and shoot, or your smartphone 
    • Supplies for each printed DIY challenge are described within the lesson